Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Bald Eagle Hatches in York County

Photo posted from PA Game Commission Facebook Page
Social media was buzzing Tuesday morning for the hatching of the an eaglet in Hanover, PA.
The PA Game Commission has a live webcam set up to monitor a bald eagle's nest in Hanover, PA.  Back on February 14th, at 5:55pm, the first of two eggs were laid in the nest.  The second was laid on February 17th.

The cam monitoring the eagles has been a popular due to the expected hatching of the eggs.  The eggs were expected to begin hatching on Saturday, March 21st.

Around 8:30am, Tuesday morning, the first signs of hatching started and a few minutes later, the first eaglet was born.

A second egg is still unhatched in the nest.

The internet went crazy when the first announcement was made.  The demand on the live web cam became so heavy, viewers were having trouble accessing the stream.

Due to the high volume of traffic to the website at this time, some viewers may experience interruptions with the stream. We are aware of the situation and will see what we can do to resolve it.

The commission notes that Twitter users can track any progress by searching #eggwatch, "and if you see an eaglet hatching from an egg, tag the Pennsylvania Game Commission on social media and use #HanoverEagletNews."

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