Saturday, April 11, 2015

SCAM ALERT: Fraudulent Charity Seeking Funds for Fire Departments

The Orwigsburg Police Department has issued the following information regarding a phone scam in the borough where an organization is asking for local fire departments

The Orwigsburg Police Department has been made aware of calls being made to residents in the Orwigsburg area seeking donations for Firefighter’s Charitable Foundation Inc. , who will explain that the sought funding will assist your local fire department. 
The Orwigsburg Fire Department is in the process of facilitating their annual fund drive which solicits donations to annually fund their ability to operate and respond to emergency calls locally, all of which are used locally, and to your benefit. 
The Firefighter’s Charitable Foundation Inc. does NOT aid in the funding of the Orwigsburg Fire Department, but claims they do, and is currently making their contacts by phone, in comparison to the Fire Company making their request by mail with the Fire Department information printed therein. 
The Orwigsburg Police and Fire Department urges people to be aware of the difference, and should you have any question, please call before you contribute if you are not sure which organization you are responding with a donation to. The Orwigsburg Fire Department will be the organization that will respond when you need them in an emergency, the other, Firefighter’s Charitable Foundation Inc. you won’t hear from till they want more money. 
If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to call the Orwigsburg Police (570) 366-3102 or Orwigsburg Fire Department (570) 366-1500.

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