Friday, April 15, 2016

Schuylkill County Author Successfully Publishes Second Novel, with a Third Novel in the Works

Mahanoy City, Pennsylvania -- Melissa Alina Strouse, the self-published author of The Cellar, has recently self- published a sequel,Lake Hamlet.  As she has proclaimed when she released her first novel, she writes to promote literacy and to encourage others to learn more about history, with the hopes of not repeating the past.  The Book is currently available through Amazon in both book and Kindle formats.
While magic, suspense, and mystery surround the general story line (again), as it is considered of a fiction genre, Strouse has stated that a lot of research was invested in the second novel as well, to ensure that the historical accounts, specifically the mystical adventures involving Abraham Lincoln, were communicated as accurately as possible without practicing defamation.  
The synopsis for Lake Hamlet reads as follows: 
Merely a year after discovering that she, Helen Chambers, was born into a specially abled type of family that possesses many unusual gifts, the young woman is still trying to master her newly founded abilities all while attempting to adjust to her newly established lifestyle and recently developed friendships.  Thinking that her adventure ended when she discovered what lay behind the cellar door, she encounters an even greater challenge than what she was ever prepared to confront.  Now, in addition to desperately trying to decipher the messages that she has received in her dreams in time to prevent a tragedy, she has also made it her mission to prevent other newcomers from suffering from the same startling experience she had when she learned about her abilities.  From a world unlike any other, the story of the unique continues...
As of the present, Strouse is in the process of writing a third novel, The Legacy, which will conclude the trilogy.
The trilogy facebook page can be found at   The author also hosts a website which can be found at:  /