Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Who Do you Want Representing You at the Republican National Convention?

So you are a registered Republican and Donald Trump doesn't get enough delegates from the primary to clinch the official nomination.  Who do you want representing you at the Republican National Convention?

The list below is who will be on Schuylkill County's Republican Ballot for delegates that will represent you if the convention needs to decide the candidate.
  • Robert E. Ames (Winner of District)
  • T. Lynette Villano (Donald Trump)
  • Ron Boltz (Ted Cruz)
  • Mary Beth Dougherty (Uncommitted)
  • Charlie Kirkwood (Uncommitted)
  • George F. Halcovage (Winner of District)
  • Gloria Lee Snover (Winner of District)
  • George Paul Blauer (Donald Trump)
  • Carolyn L. Bonkoski (Donald Trump)
  • T.Santai Gaffney (Donald Trump)
  • Thomas Whitehead (Winner of District)
Information was posted from the Morning Call