Wednesday, June 1, 2016

North Schuylkill Begins New Tradition for Seniors with Send Off

On Wednesday morning, the North Schuylkill Administration, Elementary staff and students started a new tradition by giving a special send off to the Class of 2016.

After the seniors finished their morning graduation practice, they had one final visit to North Schuylkill Elementary, where they were met by a special welcoming committee.

The North Schuylkill Elementary staff and students,grades Kindergarten through 6th,  lined the halls of the school and cheered them on, as they walked through the  halls, dressed in their caps and gowns, one final time. Tears, smiles and laughter could be seen and heard, as many of the graduates stopped along the way to hug and visit past teachers, younger siblings and friends.

The seniors made their way through the building to to their final stop, the 6th grade wing, where they were greeted by their former 6th grade teachers. The seniors were then presented with letters of "What I Want to Be When I Grow Up", that they wrote on their final days in elementary school.

North Schuylkill Seniors graduate Thursday, June 2nd. Congratulations Graduates!