Friday, November 11, 2016

Tamaqua Chamber of Commerce Announces New Hometown Heroes Banner Project for 2017

Following the popularity of the 2013Hometown Heroes banner program, The Tamaqua Area Chamber of Commerce announced a new banner program for 2017.

The new Hometown Heroes program is intended to honor any local hometown hero who has provided beneficial service to the Tamaqua area. These heroes may include first responders, organization volunteers, civic leaders, active military, veterans, and may be living or deceased. Banners will be displayed on available poles throughout downtown Tamaqua.

“The response to this second banner program has been so well-received. The expansion of the program to include those who have contributed to our community and gave of themselves provides their loved ones an opportunity to honor their service,” Ben Turrano, Board President, Tamaqua Area Chamber of Commerce.

The current banners on display have been up longer than recommended, and those folks on the waiting list from that program have been patiently waiting for an opportunity to honor their loved ones. When the current banners are removed, the sponsors will be able to keep them. The chamber is also looking into displaying any of those banners in an indoor setting should the sponsors wish to relinquish them.

“We are aiming to have the new banner program in place by Memorial Day,” Vanessa Gerhard, Administrative Assistant, Tamaqua Area Chamber of Commerce.

For more details, please see the chamber’s web site: