Friday, March 17, 2017

Bon Ton to Close at the Schuylkill Mall

One of the final anchor stores at the Schuylkill Mall says they will close.

According to store management, the Bon Ton at the Schuylkill Mall will close, but no date has been decided yet.

The closure was announced to employees Thursday morning.

In 1983, Pomeroy's department store also relocated from downtown Pottsville to become the mall's fourth anchor. Four years later, the Pomeroy's chain was sold to The Bon-Ton and has been in the location ever since..

The anchor store joins a list of other stores that have left the mall or announced closing.


  1. Of course, the only place I enjoy shopping in is closing.

  2. So many stores leaving the Big mall.
    What hurts the most is all the people that will now be out of work, one of the last good places to work.
    Looks like Schuylkill county will have it`s new spot for the Bigger PRISON that the County is looking for. Give them time, they will end up buying it. It will give them there Prison and also there Pre release center, all in one building. A County Prison does not have to be in Pottsville.

  3. If the bonton closes will there be a closing sale?