Wednesday, May 24, 2017

TRAFFIC ALERT: Crash Causing Backups on Interstate 81

(05/24/17) A crash on Interstate 81 is causing backups Wednesday afternoon.

Around 2:15, Wednesday, emergency personnel were called the Northbound lanes of Interstate 81 at Milemarker 121, between Highridge and Frackville, for a motor vehicle accident involved 2 tractor trailers and a vehicle.

Emergency personnel from Mahanoy City, Frackville, Ashland, Butler Township, Shenandoah, Pottsville, and Minersville have all been called for their engines, rescue, or tanker trucks.

Traffic is reported to be heavily backup up from the crash.

UPDATE:  Interstate 81 North and Southbound Lanes are closed between Minersville and Frackville.

More details when they are available.

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  1. Traffic through Pottsville was a nightmare going North at 5:30 PM... Fortunately wqe were traveling south and could see the lineup all the way from Norwegian St out to 20th St, where it thinned out a bit but picked up again at the "Trail" light. All the way over to the Turkey Hill Light traffic coming from Minersville was also heavy... The "Terrace" was fine...