Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Ringtown Boy Gets Chance to Work Knoebels Carousel for the Day

Schuylkill County boy has his dream come true at Knoebels Amusement Resort.

Tanner Quinn of Ringtown, loves Knoebels. He and his family spend many summer days walking the park and riding many of the rides at the popular amusement resort, located in Elysburg. Because of Tanner's love of the park, his mom, Heidi Quinn, contacted Knoebels through social media, to express Tanner's admiration of the Grand Carousel.

Heidi Quinn told Knoebels that it would mean the world to Tanner, if he could be an honorary Knoebels member.

Staff at Knoebels wanted to do the best they could to help make an incredible memory for Tanner, so after speaking with Ride Operations, they came up with what they hoped would be a great experience.

Tanner's special day came on Friday, August 4th, 2017, when Knoebels invited Tanner to be a part of their Grand Carousel Team.

His first official task was to get him his own team member shirt and "Ride Operations" name tag.

Tanner Getting His Shirt and
Ride Operations Name Tag
Then after some brief instructions, it was time for Tanner to "get to work".

The team showed him around, prepped him for his duties, which included collection of carousel rings and manning the brass ring dispenser.

Stacy Ososkie, Public Relations Director for Knoebels, said "Learning how much our carousel meant to him warmed our hearts. We were honored to meet Tanner and his family, and hope that it was a day they will never forget!"

After the day ended, Heidi Quinn reflected on Tanner's special day.
"It was an absolutely amazing experience for Tanner and our entire family. It is a memory we will treasure for for years to come. We have always loved Knoebels, but knowing how they went above and beyond to fulfill a dream for a little boy makes us love them even more. They truly put people first, and we will be forever grateful." .

**Photos Submitted by Tanner's Mom, Heidi Quinn

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