Saturday, January 6, 2018

Defrosting of Pipes Blamed for Girardville Fire

The defrosting of frozen pipes in Girardville are to blame for a house fire on Saturday.

Just after 12:30pm, Saturday, emergency personnel were called to 261 North 5th Street in Girardville for a working structure fire.

The Rangers Fire and Girard Hose received the initial call with Ashland's Washington Ladder being added later.

The fire was reportedly started when someone was defrosting frozen pipes in the kitchen of the home that led to a wall catching fire and spreading to the second floor.

Smoke was visible from outside the home with interior crews calling the fire out in just over a half hour.

Ashland's Washington Ladder was called to inspect the fire from the exterior.

Fire crews began leaving the scene around 2:30pm.

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