Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Wind Turbine Catches Fire Monday Evening

A wind turbine at the Locust Ridge Wind Farm caught fire Monday evening.

Just after 9:15pm, Monday, fire crews were called to 711 Raven Run Road, Shenandoah, Union Township for a wind turbine fire.

When crews arrived they found the nacelle, or housing area of the general parts of the turbine, to be engulfed in flames.  The turbine was located in the western end of the farm in the Locust Ridge II section.

Ringtown Valley and Shenandoah Heights Fire were called to the with Ringtown Valley Chief Matt Schwartz in command.

Schwartz stated that fire crews remained on scene to let the fire burn itself out and were clear of the scene by 11:00pm.

No injuries were reported

Photo Courtesy of Jeff Blanchek