Thursday, August 1, 2019

Schuylkill Conservation District receives state Leadership Excellence Award

The Schuylkill Conservation District is the 2019 recipient of the 'Leadership Excellence Award' presented by the State Conservation Commission.

This annual award is presented to a Conservation District Board that provides a well-articulated, relevant and implemented mission addressing natural resource challenges and opportunities within the county, demonstrates exemplary leadership and service to the community, continuously supports and evaluates professional management and leadership and demonstrates a commitment to excellence in effective management, accountability, oversight, and stewardship of the conservation district.

The State Conservation Commission presented the award to Board Chairman Glenn Luckenbill and District Manager Jenna St. Clair during the Joint Annual Conference of the PA Association of Conservation Districts and the State Conservation Commission on Wednesday, July 17, 2019, at the Genetti Hotel, Williamsport, PA.

The Schuylkill Conservation District has experienced rapid growth in programming and staff in response to emerging resource needs and funding opportunities with the guidance and support of its Board of Directors. Since 1955, the District has evolved from an emphasis on soil conservation to one of all natural resource conservation efforts including erosion and sediment control, watershed protection, abandoned mine land remediation, environmental education, farmland preservation, farm conservation planning, outdoor recreation, flood mitigation, streambank stabilization, nutrient management, and vector and invasive species control.

The Schuylkill Conservation District has taken the action and responsibility needed to implement programs and projects to improve Schuylkill County with leadership and discretion. The District has demonstrated a commitment to management, accountability, and oversight by creating an extensive, practical financial policy with a high level of board engagement to ensure due diligence and sound financial management. This policy has been used as an example and learning tool for districts across the state.

With momentous growth and change, Schuylkill Conservation District developed and adopted a strategic plan for 2020-2025. This new plan identifies future natural resource issues of Schuylkill County and the operational needs of the District to address those issues. The Board of Directors has demonstrated the innovation, leadership, and passion needed to further the mission and vision of Schuylkill Conservation District.

2020 will mark the 65th anniversary of Schuylkill Conservation District. Planning is underway for the release of the strategic plan and other activities to mark this anniversary.

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