Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Local Groups Assist Veterans in Placing Flags on Graves for Memorial Day

On Wednesday morning, some groups from the Ashland area assisted veterans in placing new and replacing old flags on graves for Memorial Day.

Typically in the weeks prior to Memorial Day, local students assist veterans in placing flags on the graves of Veterans in our County's cemeteries.

Due the COVID-19 pandemic, Pennsylvania's schools closed leaving the veterans without their help, until some local groups stepped up and offered some assistance.

In Ashland on Wednesday, members of the borough's American Legion and VFW were helped by the teachers of North Schuylkill, the Ashland Boys Scouts, Ashland Girls Softball, and the Good Shephard Lutheran Church.

In all, the veterans had over 120 volunteers reach out to help.

Due to social distancing restrictions, the group had to be limited to 30 volunteers in Ashland that were spread across Brock Cemetery, St. Mauritius Cemetery, and St. Joseph's Cemetery.

"We are so grateful for these groups to reach out and ask to help.  To us veterans, it shows that the message we give each year is taking hold.  It means a lot to us" said Thomas Dando, of the American Legion.

"We know how much it meant when the students would help place the flags for the veterans.   We just wanted to help", said Tammy Fey, who organized the help from the North Schuylkill teachers.

Hundreds of the flags were placed on Wednesday with the help of these volunteers.

The day was closed with a prayer from Pastor Dana Heckman-Beil, pastor of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church.

Other groups also assisted at the Christ Church and St. Joseph's Cemeteries in Fountain Springs.

Story and Photos by J. Reed

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