Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Shenandoah Ice Cream Parlor Raises $2,500 for Jaden Leiby

On Tuesday, the Chill Out Ice Cream Parlor and Snack Shop, Shenandoah, donated the money it raised during a campaign to Jaden Leiby.

Jaden Leiby, who was the senior Quarterback for North Schuylkill at the time, had been seriously injured during a high school football game in October of 2019. The accident has left Leiby wheelchair-bound through his recovery.

Since then, Leiby has graduated high school, but while a student and football player, he would make at least one stop a day after practice at Chill Out for ice cream in Shenandoah.

The owners of Chill Out, Anna Marie and Bob Decusky, wanted to give back to Jaden and help him through his recovery.

In early June, they held a special campaign where anyone who bought their "Camp Fire" Sundae, the proceeds would be donated to Leiby.

According to the Decuskys, 402 sundaes were sold, plus monetary donations, the campaign raised $2,500.

On Tuesday afternoon, a check was presented to Leiby by the Decuskys, their daughter Melissa Wentz and her two sons Chase and Bryce, and Chill Out employees Abby Conroy, and Abbey Digris.

During the check presentation, Jaden's brother Jake Green, sister Rachel Green, and Jaden's girlfriend Haylee Dyszel joined.

"Jaden and his friends came here all through high school.  These courteous kids struck our hearts." said Anna Marie Decusky.

"Our grandson loves to see Jaden.  He doesn't even call him Jaden Leiby anymore, he just calls him Jaden Strong." added Decusky.

Leiby says he feels good and continues his rehab at home 6 days a week with help.

"I've been feeling better, working hard everyday" said Leiby.

Leiby says he loves Chill Out and appreciates their support.

"Last summer, we were here almost everyday after football.  Maybe even twice a day.  And it wasn't always about the ice cream.  They put a smile on your face everytime you walked in and they were nice people to talk to you.  When she [Anna Marie] came up to me and told me about the fundraiser, my jaw dropped.  They are honestly the nicest people around.  I was very surprised and just very thankful that they did this." added Leiby.

Story and Photos by J. Reed

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