Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Thomas to Seek Seat on the Pottsville Area School Board

On Tuesday, Bob Thomas, of Pottsville announced he is seeking one of the four seats on the Pottsville Area School Board. 

“Taxpayers have lost their voice at the table, and I want to be that voice,” Thomas said in his announcement. 

Thomas say that among the reasons he chose to run is the districts lack of transparency when it comes to big projects such as the solar panels. 

“Board members should keep open lines of communication between their faculty, staff, and taxpayers. Under the present leadership, taxes have been raised each and every year, while the quality of education, due to teacher layoffs, has also decreased." Thomas said.

Bob is married to the former Georgia Lord and is the father of former Pottsville Area School Board member, Scott Thomas. Scott is the founder of the Taxpayers of the Pottsville Area School District Facebook and web page. 

Bob is involved in many community activities such as the former President and current Treasurer of Trinity Lutheran Church in Pottsville, the founder and chairman of the Schuylkill County Christmas Gala, and the Masonic Lodge #216. 

Former Pottsville Area School District Business Manager Brian Manning will be serving as Campaign Chairman. “Knowing Bob as a member of the church and community, I know that he will restore transparency and ask the difficult questions that is much needed in the Pottsville Area School District,” Manning added.