Thursday, July 27, 2023

Williams Valley Superintendent Announces Resignation

WILLIAMSTOWN - On Friday, Superintendent of Williams Valley School District, John Rizzo, revealed that he has tendered his resignation from the position. 

He will be embarking on a new professional journey in the private sector, accepting a role with a prominent company. 

The decision comes after serving the district since December 2021, during which Rizzo made significant strides in transforming the district's financial landscape and educational leadership.

During his tenure, Rizzo says he faced several challenges, including inheriting a substantial $2.3 million deficit and a vacant business manager position. Moreover, his limited experience in special education leadership posed its own set of difficulties. Undeterred, Rizzo tackled these obstacles head-on and displayed commendable financial awareness.

In less than two years, his strategic vision and diligent efforts led to remarkable improvements within the district. A new business manager was recruited, and the director of student services exhibited strong leadership capabilities. Rizzo filled long-vacant positions and introduced more prudent financial decision-making, which ultimately culminated in a balanced budget and the generation of an ending fund balance.

"The district is in a good financial position and has good people in leadership for whoever the next person is. The Valley has great families, and the kids are tremendous," expressed Rizzo, reflecting on the positive outcomes achieved during his tenure.

The outgoing superintendent expressed his heartfelt gratitude towards the board of directors, especially acknowledging former President John Mika, who took a chance on a young administrator and entrusted him to lead the district. Together, they forged a strong partnership and achieved significant milestones that have left a lasting impact on the Williams Valley community.

While Rizzo departs from his role, he expressed his utmost appreciation for the opportunity to work with the district and conveyed his best wishes for its continued success. He is confident that the district is well-positioned with capable leadership to thrive in the future.

As Rizzo embraces his new endeavor in the private sector, he highlighted that this move would not only benefit his family but also grant him the opportunity to pursue personal passions, such as coaching basketball again.