Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Pennsylvania Senate Committee Approves Bill to Move Up 2024 Primary Election by Five Weeks

In a move aimed at amplifying the voice of Pennsylvania voters in the presidential election process, the Senate State Government Committee has given its seal of approval to a bill that would advance the date of the state's 2024 primary election by five weeks. 

The decision was announced today by Senator Dave Argall (R-29), the primary sponsor of the bill.

Senator Argall highlighted the motivation behind the bill, stating, “I introduced this bill to give Pennsylvania voters a greater say in selecting their preferred candidate for President of the United States. As the fifth largest state in the country, we should have a stronger role in this election. In most Presidential elections, the outcome is largely decided before our voters have a chance to cast their vote.”

Pennsylvania's current primary election date for 2024 is slated for April 23, but the proposed Senate Bill 224 seeks to reschedule it to March 19. This shift in timing could potentially align Pennsylvania's primary with those of other pivotal states like Arizona, Florida, Illinois, and Ohio.

During the committee meeting, Senator Argall also raised concerns about the existing primary date coinciding with Passover, a significant Jewish holiday. He pointed out that this scheduling clash could unintentionally disenfranchise many Jewish citizens due to traditional religious restrictions which prohibit activities such as writing, driving, or using electricity on this holy day.

The bill's passage through the Senate State Government Committee marks a significant step towards its implementation. However, it now faces the next hurdle in the legislative process as it advances to the full Senate for further deliberation and consideration.