Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A Naked Haunted House?

Do you think of yourself as a REALLY brave person?  Do you love haunted houses?

A Sinking Spring haunted house is looking to scare the bravest of the brave with something called "The Naked and Scared Challenge".

An event called Shocktoberfest, in Sinking Spring, Pennsylvania, (just east of Reading) was inspired to create this haunted house after the Discovery Channel hit show "Naked and Afraid".  The people behind the attraction say you don't have to worry about a bunch of people staring at you  since you'll be in complete darkness anyway.

It's said to test your fears and phobias on a whole new level.

During regular business hours, you are still required to wear clothing.  The challenge starts after midnight when normal hours are over.

If going through nude is too much for you, you may go through in your underwear as well.

Tighter security during the challenge will be enabled during the hours of it's operation.

You can read more about it here


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