Friday, September 26, 2014

Former School Board Member Submits Right-to-Know Request into Pottsville Area Hiring Process

A Former School Board Member of the Pottsville Area School District is questioning the hiring of a current Board Member's spouse.
Former Pottsville Area School Board Member, Scott Thomas, is questioning the hiring of a School Board Member's wife into the Transportation Supervisor/Dispatcher's position.

Thomas had the following to say,

"Recently, I was contacted by numerous citizens who were upset about an action taken by the Pottsville School Board and Administration. As a former Board member, I was asked to investigate the matter and determine if it seemed just and appropriate. I know some of the candidates for the position, and quite honestly was very shocked and surprised that one in particular was not selected since she was extremely well qualified and experienced. I, too, feel the Board made a poor decision based on the inadequate information that was provided to them. Ultimately, I don’t think the district’s policies were followed and therefore, it led to a decision that is not in the best interest of the school district. I trust that they will do the right thing and investigate and correct this matter and bring transparency to future hires. This should be a routine that should be used at all times."

Thomas has submitted a Right to Know Request to the Pottsville Area School District outlining 8 items to investigate this matter further.

In the RTK request, Thomas requests to review the emails that were sent by the Superintendant and Business manager regarding the position.   He also questions how the School Board filled the position on September 17th when the job was still seeking applicants to September 18th.

The Republican Herald also posted an article on September 19th that the position was posted "internally".  He would like the district's definition of "internally".

He also asked to review the minutes of any committee meetings where the position was discussed and also the hiring process.

He also would like to know when the "Personnel Committee" notified the Board of Education of their recommendation and who made them aware.  He has asked for all public documents related to this.

The Republican Herald also posted an article about this and their Right to Know Request into the hiring.