Thursday, October 23, 2014

Coal Region Connections: Is the Tamaqua Elks Haunted?

SOME PARANORMAL INVESTIGATORS SAY THIS OLD BUILDING IS HOME TO NOT 1....NOT 2...BUT 3 RESTLESS SPIRITS. Click LIKE if you believe the century old Tamaqua Elks Building is haunted or at the very least--home to some strange, unexplained activity.

Schuylkill County tax records indicate that the Tamaqua Elks bought this building on August 23, 1905. It has been used as a restaurant, tavern, & meeting place. There's even a a bowling alley in the basement. Before the Elks bought the building, it was an apartment complex.

We all have heard stories about someone who committed suicide & another person who supposedly was scared to death inside this building back in the 1930s. That's when reports of strange activity occurances inside the Tamaqua Elks began to surface. Lights & appliances going on & off by themselves, strange sounds, voices, misty figures floating down staircases.

Several paranormal investigative teams cumulatively have spent 100s of hours inside the Elks with thousands of dollars worth of equipment down through the years. Their reviews are mixed. Some say the building is definitely haunted. Others are just not sure. But if ask many Elks members---they will definitely say that strange things have indeed occurred inside this building.

The question we ask with Halloween fast approaching--with all the hype about the Elks being haunted---would you be brave enough to spend an entire night ALONE in the Tamaqua Elks? Alone with no cell phone & no lights except for a flashlight?

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