Thursday, November 13, 2014

10 Signs you are from Schuylkill County

  1. You know what a "Firehouse Wedding" is.
  2. You have cured an ailment with a shot of boilo.
  3. You've stood in line for over an hour for a ring of kielbasa.
  4. Whether you have children or not, when you think of snow, you think of schools closing.
  5. You've been addicted to Guer's Iced Tea during some point in your life.
  6. You know "Summer Sausage" isn't sausage.
  7. You have friends that you only see when there is a fire in your town.
  8. When you refer to a particular area of a town, you reference the closest bar, church, or firehouse.
  9. You own a scanner to follow fire calls, but no one in your home is a fireman.
  10. You eat at least one type of Polish food a week.

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