Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Coal Region Connections: Remember When Candy Cost a Penny?

TAKE A GOOD LOOK AT THE PICTURES BELOW. Click LIKE if they bring back fond "penny candy" memories & can you name at least 4 "mom & pop" neighborhood stores where you spent your pennies, nickles, & dimes satisfying your sweet tooth?

Remember those wafer flying saucers with little round candy pieces inside? How about those dots on paper that always stayed stuck to the paper? Did you save those Mallo cups money coupons inside? And to tingle your tongue--remember Sen-Sens & Atomic Fireballs? Recall how "cool" it was pretending you were smoking with those candy cigarettes & bubble gum cigars? Do you recall what was your favorite "penny candy" growing up?

Our loose change went a long way when you visited neighborhood stores back in the 60s. In Coaldale we had plenty to choose from: Johnny Kidda's, Tony's, Marian's, Ernie Sandri's, Harold's, Henry Plocinik's, Vincie's, Stevie Vahovich's, D Super, Nardini's. Gosh--did I miss any??? Everyone one of those stores today are gone. I had a whole bunch of Mallo Cup money coupons, but I don't know whatever happened to them.

Now it's your turn. How many neighborhood stores can you name from your hometown growing up & are any of those stores still in business today. Let's see if we can get every town, township, & city in the coal region mentioned below by SHARING this post with your friends.

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  1. What about Ben-Hurs (aka sen-sens)? They were something like eight for a penny! You had to wait for a while if you got a dime's worth, let alone a quarter's, as they had to be counted out by hand! Sammie's in Frackville, circa late 1960's. And, they were delicious! I'm certain I got many a cavity from them!