Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Who did Schuylkill County Vote For?

The winners of the elections have been announced, but what if only Schuylkill County's votes counted?  Who would we have chosen?

The Schuylkill County Election Bureau posted via their web site the vote counts for both races and the follow are the results

Representative of the 17th Congressional District

David J. Moylan (Republican) - 23,427 votes
Matt Cartwright (I-Democrat) - 14,262 votes


Tom Wolf (Democrat) - 20,541 votes
Tom Corbett (I-Republican) - 17,167 votes

Straight Party Votes

Republican - 7,470
Democrat - 4,386

As stated prior, Schuylkill County's record of voting for the winner of the Governor's race still stands.

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  1. Wish Moylan had one!...We had over 50% of the vote out in Schuylkill Haven, where I was working the Polls.....Pretty Good!