Monday, December 29, 2014

Looking Back at 2014: The Schuylkill Mall

As 2014 closes, we will be looking back at some of the most popular stories from the year around Schuylkill County.  Our first story is actually a bunch of stories regarding the Schuylkill Mall.
In 2014, the Schuylkill lost stores and a restaurant but it also saw the return of one of them as well as a new addition.

In July, Arby's closed suddenly when the company that owned the location in the Mall, as well as the Pine Grove location, went bankrupt.

In August, news broke that Gamestop as well as the Cigar Box would be leaving the mall.  Later in October, we found out that Sears will be closing in January.

But after the announcement of these closings, the mall had a welcomed returned when a new owner bought the Arby's location and reopened in November.

In early December, it was announced TruBridge would be added to the mall and would employ over 100 people.

Arby's Closing

Gamestop and Cigar Box Closing

Sears Closing

Arby's Returns

TruBridge will employ 100

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