Sunday, January 4, 2015

Editorial: Thoughts on New Radios for Emergency Responders

Thoughts on new radio system for Emergency Responders

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Does anyone have any thoughts on today's article in the Republican Herald?

Why does the county taxpayer have to pay top dollar for small radios that will:
1. keep the public uninformed
2. Cost $5000 per small radio that wasn't included in the federal government requirement according to the article.

If analog is the way of the past and we believe it will be at some point in the future, then why is only one vendor that is so expensive to you and me as taxpayers and our county commissioners who are supposed to be good stewards of our tax money, blocking the opportunity to purchase other brands at half the cost.

By the way, according to the article, our fire companies still won't have enough radios. This doesn't even include our mounted mobile radios that will have to be purchased by our fire companies who we all know are hurting financially to begin with. That is a lot of money to fix only half of a County Commissioner-manufactured and expensive problem.

Safety: When has a scanner ever been used in the commission of a crime against our public servants, Police, Fire, EMS, or the public?
Obituaries give out more personal information about vacant houses than a singular radio transmission ever could.

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