Thursday, January 22, 2015

Phone Scam Alert; Family Member Needing Bail Money

The Mahanoy City Police Department posted the following earlier Thursday after getting a report of a phone scam.

We received a complaint from one of our residents about a scam attempt. The resident received a call from a person claiming to be a family member that needed bail money. If you receive any unsolicited calls looking for money or personal information, ask for a phone number and name and in a case like this ask which department/court arrested your loved one. Please do not give out any personal information bank information or send anyone money.

Link to Mahanoy City Police Department Page

1 comment:

  1. This sounds like a new version of the grandparent scam with a twist. It's just like the complaints lodged at Well, phone scammers will always come up with stories to get other people's money so we have to remain vigilant. In the event of suspicious calls, it's best to hang up and report the call to the proper authorities.