Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Utility/Water Company Worker Robbery Warning

There have been many incidents reported over the last week or two about fake utility/water company workers robbing homes.

Last week we reported about "Fake Water Company" employees in West Mahanoy Township and now it seems to be happening more often.

Just today, the Republican Herald reports more have occurred in Schuylkill County (Schuylkill Haven and East Norwegian Twp.) and WFMZ is reporting reporting similar stories out of Northampton County.

According to the Republican Herald, the State Police are warning residents to be vigilant for anyone who may come to their door offering services or asking for help.

Watch for strange vehicles parked in your neighborhood for long periods of time and watch for strange workers at homes of the elderly.

Story published Wednesday from the Republican Herald

Northampton County Robbery

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