Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Tamaqua Area Third Grade Class Receives Postcards from Every State

An update from the 3rd Grade class from Tamaqua Area that was requesting postcards from around the every state around the United States.

One week ago, Mrs. Barron's class from Tamaqua Area began a project to receive postcards from every state from the United States.  These postcards would then be used to learn facts from each state.

Original story from Skook News

By Monday evening, Barron had at lease one postcard from each except Idaho.  On Tuesday, she had received a postcard from Idaho.

While the class has met this goal, they aren't done.  They still want to receive more postcards from each state, as each student will be assigned a state and will use the information from the postcards to share with the class, so please keep spreading the word.

We asked Mrs. Barron what the students and her reaction were to the response they received

"The children are super excited!!! They come in each morning and are thrilled to see the daily updated map on our SmartBoard. They each have their own map/tally sheet that they were coloring each morning to keep track of our progress. (We will now continue to do a tally sheet to keep track of how many we have gotten from each state.) They can't wait until I pick up the mail from the office during their recess to see how many we get each day.

I am blown away with the incredible response and generosity we have gotten from complete strangers! We have received almost 500 cards since last Wednesday. We were hoping to get 50. We never could have imagined we would get this many! People have been so willing to share things from their state, that many sent more than just a postcard! "

To track their progress and see their tally, go to

Anyone still interested in sending postcards to the class, they can send them to

Mrs. Barron's 3rd Grade Class
Tamaqua Elementary School
490 Boyle Avenue
Tamaqua, PA 18252

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