Thursday, April 9, 2015

Frackville Announces Pool Will Not Open This Season

The Frackville Borough announced that the borough's pool will not open this season due to repairs.

The following was posted to their Facebook page Thursday morning
At last night’s Borough Council meeting, I, Karen Domalakes, had to announce with regrets that the pool will not open this season. To my understanding, the pool was built in 1978 and has had no major renovations since then. When the snow melted last week, we would see that three of the six pool walls had pulled away from the surrounding decking. In the case of the south wall, near the park and the west wall in the deep end the space is wide enough for me to easily fit my hand into the space and deep enough we would need a flashlight to see the bottom. Also all of the filtration buckets are cracked. We had already made a motion in the March meeting to hire a firm to test the filtration system for suspected leaks. We probably could have made some expensive band-aid repairs this year to make the pool able to hold water for this season, but would have had more significant shifting over the next winter, which was projected to make the pool inoperable for 2016. With the filtration work and the new work only providing temporary relief I proposed that the pool be closed with the goal of building a new pool with more modern features. The current pool was funded entirely by community effort. I believe that under our current circumstances the cost for a new pool will require grants, loans and community support. Council took the first step towards costs by transferring $25,000 into a separate pool account. As I begin to search for grants, I also want to begin to establish community support and have set a meeting to discuss the pool and form a committee for May 4th at 7:00 at the Borough Chambers. Through my connections with Rotary, I have already tentatively secured continued support from the club, including a commitment to purchase and donate a $3,000 piece of equipment at the appropriate building stage. I hope to see many people at the May 4th meeting as we have an exciting opportunity to continue the legacy of this community asset.
Frackville Borough Facebook Page

At last night’s Borough Council meeting, I, Karen Domalakes, had to announce with regrets that the pool will not open...
Posted by Borough of Frackville on Thursday, April 9, 2015

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