Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Success Kid's Dad Needs Kidney Transplant

If you've spent any time on the internet over the past 7 years, you've come to know, "The Success Kid" meme.

The meme spawns back to a photo of a young Sam Griner, who furled his brow and pumped his fist just in time for a great photo-op.

Sam is now 8-years-old and he hasn’t been shy in embracing his fans, often returning online to post new photos with his parents.

Justin Griner, Sam's father , discovered his kidneys were failing before Sammy was born, but he now spends about four hours a day three days a week undergoing dialysis.  A GoFundMe campaign that has been setup has reached over $14,000 in 5 days.

Laney Griner, Sam's mother and Justin's wife. launched a GoFundMe site this week to help find a living donor and raise money toward the costs of Justin's transplant. Medicare will cover 80 percent of Justin's post-surgery costs, but the Griners will still need about $12,000 in the first year to cover drugs alone, and he'll be on many drugs for the rest of his life, she said.

Justin isn't on a list yet for a deceased donor, but they hope to find a living donor soon, Griner said.

Griner said she took the original photo of Sammy when he was 11 months old during a day at the beach. Although he looks super-satisfied with himself, baby Sammy was actually about to shove a fist of sand into his mouth, she said.


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