Tuesday, April 28, 2015

UPDATE: State Trooper Discharged; Drivers Receive Traffic Citations for Interstate 81 Incident

Update on the State Trooper and drivers involved in Interstate 81 incident where the trooper was struck by a vehicle.

In March, Sgt. Robert Bemis was assisting Victor K. Nolan, of Kentucky, extinguish a fire along the side of Interstate 81 near Milemarker 121 when Jamie Edmonds, of Virginia, lost control of her vehicle and struck the police cruiser injuring Bemis.

Pennlive.com is reporting that Bemis has been discharged from the hospital and has now entered a rehabilitation center.

They are also reporting that Nolan was cited for unsafely towing another vehicle and Edmonds was cited for following to close to another vehicle and speeding.

Link to full story from Pennlive.com