Wednesday, September 2, 2015

McCann Trade Students Give Back

Pottsville, PA (9/1/2015)–McCann School of Business and Technology has been providing quality education since 1897, but the Pottsville Campus is proudly celebrating its 20th Anniversary this month.
Over that history, the Pottsville Campus has a reputation for giving back to the community. In particular, as part of the Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (HVAC) and Electrical Systems programs; we look for opportunities to give the students hands on activities to complement the theoretical part of their studies. There is a significant amount of hands on training conducted on campus in the classroom labs. McCann also does community projects which not only help the community but expose students to non-laboratory working conditions. By providing this service to non-profit organizations, they can save some money while McCann students get on-the-job-training.

Some of the projects completed to date include:

  • Ruth Steinert SPA, Pine Grove – A fire destroyed one of the main buildings. Trade students installed a new heating and cooling system- oil burner and heat pump; re-wired the building, including adding lights, receptacles and switches; built a water station for the kennels, washing station, sinks and restrooms; added Sewage Lines and serviced the building air conditioning units.
  • Schuylkill County Child Development – Government funding cuts have the managers thinking outside the box to maintain the required maintenance work at a lower cost. Trade students provide annual servicing of the air conditioning systems in the facilities in Pottsville, Fountain Springs and Tamaqua.
  • Pottsville Fraternal Order of Eagles – The organization provides community service work. Students serviced the air conditioning system and repaired an ice machine.
  • Cumbola Fire Company – Cumbola's fire company is a volunteer fire company providing emergency services to the community. Students repaired the walk-in cooler and the beverage system.
  • Port Carbon Borough Playground – The community playground was being vandalized on a regular basis. Both Trades and IT students installed a security camera system to assist with any future vandalism.
  • United Methodist Church, Minersville – Students installed new receptacles in the kitchen and meeting room and repaired the lights for the stained glass window.
Trade students also get hands on experience at the Campus itself. Students assisted with the Campus lounge renovations by installing electric circuits, water lines and a junction box for the IT group. IT students installed the internet system. In addition, in the Library, Bookstore and Massage Room, students modified lights and switches, while also installing new receptacles in the Campus Lobby. Lastly, in the Campus Repair Shop, students repaired various air conditioners, refrigerators, soda machines and soda fountains.

If you are a non-profit organization seeking assistance, please contact the McCann Main Office at 570.391.3051 or email