Monday, January 11, 2016

Did You Share This Photo Today?

Did you share this photo today?
On Monday, January 11th, 2016, a photo became viral and it shouldn't have.

A page on Facebook named "Livesosa" began a viral post that shown if you won Wednesday's Powerball Drawing, took your $1.3 billion in winnings, then divided it with the population of the United States, everyone would get $4.33 Million Dollars and poverty would be solved.

By 2:00pm Monday, the post had over 300,000 likes and close to 700,000 shares.

WOW!  That's amazing!!! We can all be rich!!  But guess what?  You're wrong!

If you do the Math, it comes out to $4.33 per person.

I guess that's better than nothing though, right?

The page later posted the same photo with Steve Harvey and made a joke out of it.  Did you fall for this and share the photo?

This one is better from Philip Defranco.