Saturday, April 2, 2016

3 Tractor Trailer Crashes in 3 Days

For the third time in just as many days, a tractor trailer has crashed on the Broad Mountain near Nesquehoning, Carbon County.

The third accident occurred Saturday morning when a tractor trailer crashed when using runoff lane.  The driver was reported to have been entrapped. No word on injuries.

Photo posted  by the Nesquehoning Hose Company
The second accident occurred Friday when a tractor trailer crashed through the intersection of Route 209 and Route 93.  No injuries were reported.

Link to story from the Times News on the 2nd Crash

The first crash happened Thursday when a tractor trailer hauling Jeeps overturned at the same intersection of Route 93 and Route 209.  No injuries were reported during this incident.

A tractor trailer carrying brand new Jeeps rolled over at the bottom of the Broad Mountain this morning at the...
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