Sunday, August 28, 2016

Centioles Pizza is Returning

Are the rumors true that Northern Schuylkill County's favorite pizza place is returning?

In May 2015, Centioles Pizza, Girardville officially announced that they would be closing and later in June, they closed for good.  Since then, we would bet that at least one person every weekend has thought to themselves, "I could go for Centioles!", well after almost a year and half hiatus, Centioles in returning!!

Rumors began Saturday when a photo was posted to social media of owner Patti Centiole eating a piece of her pizza and in the caption it stated "Doing what we know......Pizza on earth once again!!!!!"

Centiole later confirmed that Centioles will be returning, but no official date has been set yet as they will be renovating their location.  When the renovations are completed, an official opening date will be announced.

"It's time to go back to work, it's the right thing to do." Centole says.

Fans have been thrilled since the news broke.  Here are some comments from our followers on Facebook page

There is a God - and he likes pizza. If there is anything that is Heaven on Earth - it is Centiole's pies. - Lorretta Murphy

The best pizza in the world! - Kelly Long

Can't wait!!! Had a pie frozen for well over 6 months. So glad to hear they are re-opening! - Joel Paige

Can't wait!!! Had a pie frozen for well over 6 months. So glad to hear they are re-opening! - Ray Wyland

Centioles' pizza was a favorite for many from Schuylkill County with their special sauce that many still debate over what the secret ingredients are.  Before closing in June of 2015, they were open only on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, take out only, with many people ordering their pizza a week in advance.  Some having orders scheduled for the same time weekly.

Centiole's parents started the business almost 70 years ago.