Thursday, January 19, 2017

Photographer Picks Up Line To Help Fight Fire

Volunteer firefighters are ready to jump into action at a moments notice.

JC Kriesher, the administrator and photographer, for the website Fire & Film, responded to Wednesday's fire Shenandoah like he does any other.

Kriesher arrived at the scene of the blaze and began documenting and filming prior to the fire department .

The fire was rolling and spreading as the first fire department arrived with limited manpower.

Kriesher, who is also a volunteer for the Sheppton-Oneida Fire Department, then set up his Go Pro Camera on a parked vehicle, picked up a line and helped contain the spreading fire on the front of the homes.

The entire scene was caught by his camera, shown below

"I saw that the fire was rapidly spreading from the original fire building and consuming the neighboring building on the West side which also led to the rest of the row. Manpower wasn't showing up as quickly as normal and the few people that were there were trying to accomplish many duties. My natural instincts picked up and I knew I had to help keep that fire from spreading any further down the block. I did what I could until I was relieved by volunteers that were ready to proceed into he buildings and completely extinguish the remaining fire." Kriesher said.

Fire & Film is a web site that Kriesher started in 2011 that covers emergency incidents in Schuylkill County, Lower Luzerne County, Carbon County, Northumberland County.  His posts provide a very detailed account of what takes place on any emergency incident he covers.

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