Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Building Demolition Closes Streets; Knocks Out Cable Service After Collapse

Demolition crews had a mess on their hands when the building they were bringing down collapsed unexpectedly.

On Wednesday, crews began to tear down the former Heaven Scent Flower Shop Building located at 51 South Lehigh Street in Frackville.

The building had been condemned and marked for demolition for months.

Crews began tearing down the building from the back to the front and once they reached the front section, part of the building which was to collapse inward, fell towards Lehigh Street bringing down wires and throwing bricks into the street.  Traffic lights were also struck by the flying debris.

A truck was also reported to have been struck by a brick when the wall collapsed.  No injuries were reported.

Police and Fire Officials were brought in to close the surrounding streets and to detour traffic.

As of 8:30pm streets were still closed and residents were still reported to have been without cable services.

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