Thursday, October 26, 2017

Blue Mountain 4-H Livestock Club Members Learn Sign Language

The Blue Mt. 4-H Livestock Club recently held its’ October monthly meeting at the Schuylkill Haven Hose Company where they were taught by one of its younger members how to sign some common words.

Alyssa Cook daughter of Daniel and Theresa Cook of Pottsville did the presentation. She started the meeting by teaching her fellow club members how to sign some animal names. Being a livestock club that was a good starting point. Alyssa taught animal terms like cow, lamb, goat, bunny, chicken, Alpaca, pig and farm. All valuable words for the members of the livestock club. Alissa also taught signs for “I and raise.” This became useful then the leaders informed members that when role was call that they would have to sign themselves in as being present with what animal they were intending to raise for the 2018 Schuylkill County Fair.

The members one by one members respond to roll call by standing up and signing “I raise” and the type of animal. As an example a 4-H club member signed “I raise goats,” and the next member signed “I raise steers” when their name was called. Members of the club learned other valuable words from Alyssa like please and thank you, 4-H, and some letters of the sign language alphabet. At the club’s November meeting, which will be held on the fourth Monday of November, club members will have to respond to roll call with the ability to sign with “my name is . . .” and alphabet sign their first name. Members of the club will need to learn to sign letters form the sign language alphabet in order to spell out their first name. Some of the members of the club members indicated that they were going to teach themselves how to sign not only firstname, but last names as well. 

Club members were given a challenge by their leaders Jill Felty and Kim Morgan to learn how to sign the 4-H pledge by the club January meeting and the club will pay for their 4-H dues for 2018. Jill and Kim are hoping that the members returning and new will rise to the challenge. In the meantime the club’s leaders are teaching themselves how to sign the 4-H Motto which is “To Make the Best Better.” To facilitate this sign language challenge members were sent a web site via email and social media on where they can look up the signs for the 4-H pledge and the 4-H motto. As club leaders Jill and Kim try to facilitate different learning activities for club members by providing unique opportunities like this for a more rounded focus to their education. 

The Blue Mt. 4- H Livestock Club meets once a month on the fourth Monday of the month at 6:30 inside the social hall of the Schuylkill Haven Hose Company. Next meeting will be held on Monday, November 27. Members within the club live along the “Blue Mountain” as well as north and south of it. Thus that is where the club gets its name. If interested in this club’s 4-H program, contact can be made by calling 570-739-2627 or