Thursday, December 7, 2017

Pennsylvania Lottery Announces Multiple Winners from Schuylkill County in November

In the month of November, multiple large winnings were claimed from Pennsylvania Lottery Scratch-Offs and Daily Lottery in Schuylkill County.

According to the Pennsylvania Lottery, the following amounts were claimed in Schuylkill County.

PICK 4(Evening)
 - 4 people claimed $2,500 Winners

Pick 5 (Day)
 - 1 person claimed a $1,050 Winner

Match 6
 - 1 person claimed a $1,050 Winner

 - 1 person claimed a $9,000 Winner

 - 1 person claimed a $10,654 Winner

Scratch Offs
 - 4 people claimed $10,000 Winners
 - 1 person claimed a $2,000 Winner
 - 95 people claimed $1,000 Winners

Winners of $1,000 or more are announced, although many prizes below that amount were won.

Scratch-Offs currently offer prizes ranging from a free ticket to $3 million. Before playing any game, players should read and understand the rules, prizes remaining and specific chances of winning found at Check tickets promptly and immediately claim winnings. Prizes expire one year from a Scratch-Off game’s end-sale date posted at

The overall chances of winning any prize, printed on the back of each ticket, are stated across all tickets produced in a game and not by consecutive tickets sold per pack. Random distribution ensures the Pennsylvania Lottery and retailers do not know where winning tickets will be sold.

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