Tuesday, January 23, 2018

North Schuylkill Elementary Students Raising Money Through Boosterthon

The North Schuylkill PTO and students are raising money through Boosterthon this week.

Students kicked off the event last Thursday with a pep rally, held by Boosterthon team members, to begin the 8 day event.

Students are raising money through donations from community members and businesses. Sponsors can pledge toward the number of laps that each student will walk/run or make a flat donation. The Glow Fun Run will take place on Friday, in the elementary gym.

Throughout the week, students will be actively involved in grade level huddles. There, the Boosterthon teams are teaching students character building lessons along with the importance of physical fitness. 

So far, students have raised over $10,000 for the school and are working their way towards their $15,000 goal.

All money raised goes directly back the students for yearly field trips, end of the year carnival, in school programs, and any other items or events that the students need.

North Schuylkill Elementary currently has 1057 students in grades kindergarten through sixth, with 44 homerooms.

Mandy Reed, PTO President, stated that this is the first year NSE has done Boosterthon. Previously, they have done the traditional book sales with candy or magazine sales, which never had a good turn around. "We are excited to have Boosterthon in our school these next 2 weeks. The kids are excited, the staff is excited, and the PTO is amazed at the generous donations, that have come in for our students. We have a large elementary school and as PTO we make sure that all our students are taken care of. In the beginning of each year, every student is provided with a free spirit shirt. We also send every student on their field trip. That is our biggest expense for PTO, which is why we have chosen to try Boosterthon."

If you would like to donate towards the event, message on Facebook or email Skook News for more details at skooknews@outlook.com.

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