Friday, April 27, 2018

Schuylkill Haven Students Learn the Consequences of Drunk and Distracted Driving

Schuylkill Haven students learned the consequences of drunk and distracted driving on Thursday.

On Thursday, students witnessed a mock crash that was part of their Prom Promise Campaign.

Participating in the event were the Schuylkill Haven Fire Department, Schuylkill Haven Police, Schuylkill EMS, Schuylkill County Coroner's Office, and Life Flight.

In the mock incident, students witnessed the scene of a crash where 1 student died, among others that were hurt in the crash, and 1 student was arrested and later arraigned before students in the auditorium for causing the crash.

A casket was also set up outside the school's auditorium to share how real the consequences are driving drunk or distracted.

In the auditorium, Magisterial District Judge James Ferrier performed a mock arraignment and spoke to the students about how the process worked, how bail works, and the dangers of driving under the influence.

Deputy Coroner and Funeral Director David Truskowsky spoke to the students about the dangers of distracted driving of any kind and to drive defensively warning students about not knowing what other drivers are doing.  Truskowsky also urged students not to participate in the chain of events that get people hooked on drugs

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