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Meet Local Author: Scotty McCoy

Meet a local author from Schuylkill County who has published several books including one about his father's battle with an aggressive form of brain cancer.

By Megan A. Hepler

Scotty McCoy is an up and coming author from Schuylkill County, specifically the Fountain Springs area. McCoy has independently published three books, as of 2017, with more planned. He has appeared in several horror publications, podcasts, radio shows, and more for his two trivia books and biographical novel. McCoy could soon be someone many in the area will recognize for his literary talent.

McCoy described himself as a hyperactive child, but due to the nurturing hands of his Christian parents he has turned into a disciplined and successful man. He also credited his former North Schuylkill English teacher, Joann Hoppel, with helping him to develop a love for writing. He further explained that he first began writing information about professional wrestling.

“I always wrote in high school, filling roughly ten to fifteen 5-subject notebooks from front to back cover regarding professional wrestling knowledge. Everyone was fascinated by it,” McCoy said.

What started as a hobby developed into something more substantial. After high school McCoy went on to obtain an Associates in Applied Science Degree in Web/Software Development from Luzerne County Community College. He continued his education and graduated from Champlain College with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Web/Software Development. He decided to combine his love for horror movies and desire to teach (he is also now an adjunct professor at Champlain College online). The result was two horror trivia books: The Ultimate Friday the 13th Trivia Book and The Ultimate Halloween Trivia Book. Actress Jamie Lee Curtis even wrote the forward for his The Ultimate Friday the 13th Trivia Book.

McCoy self-published both books through the CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (an Amazon company) and were released in June 2017. Through CreateSpace, he purchased a publisher’s plan, which gave him the opportunity to work with a personal publisher. His personal publisher helps to market his works online and get his books into stores.

“We have a lot of publishers who are assigned to those independent authors that want to pay to become recognized. And I was fortunate to be given Scotty to work with as he really is a hard worker and really tries hard to succeed and become someone people will remember,” Tanya Ballinger a Senior Publisher with CreateSpace stated.

In November 2017, McCoy released his book Christ Defeats Cancer, a biography about his father’s journey overcoming Glioblastoma, an aggressive form of brain cancer. McCoy’s father was diagnosed with Glioblastoma on September 14, 2016. In Christ Defeats Cancer, McCoy outlines the emotions and process of events that shook his family. He described the how his father suffered a stroke just days after emergency surgery and how his uncle had a vision that his father was healed. He described that the doctors are unable to explain the differences in his father’s MRI following the stroke and the one following a miracle that brought his father out of a coma only two days later. McCoy’s book about his family’s journey has done well and has had a great response from readers.

“Scott poured out his heart about his father's illness and healing,” Susan Hocking stated.

McCoy promises that he has more books coming, as well. He has a list of horror movie and TV show trivia books, or encyclopedias, in the works. He is even starting up a small production company, Shallow Grave Productions, to bring some of his writing to video. Between the efforts of McCoy, his publisher, and his talent agent to promote his books, Scotty McCoy’s name will soon be one that many recognize.

“I promise you Scotty is extremely talented and he has big things coming in the literary world!” Tanya Ballinger reported.

McCoy acknowledges many people for helping him get to where he today. “My parents for being a major support system. My entire family (not going to name everyone) just for being a huge support system and getting through my dad’s ordeal together and kicking cancer’s ass. My publisher, Tanya, and agent, Michael. My personal editor, Dylan. Even my graphic designer who works for me, Ron…And most importantly, my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.”

McCoy has arranged for several book signings. You can stop in to see him at the following locations and buy an autographed book. He also noted, that if his on stock books sell out, he will have order forms available for people to still obtain an autographed copy of Christ Defeats Cancer. His trivia books will be available only at select events.

See Scotty McCoy at:
  • May 31st 11AM to 9PM – Bible Depot, Sunbury
  • June 16th 4:30PM to 6PM – New Hope Wesleyan Church, Frackville (this will be  concert/book signing event)
  • July 20th 6PM to 9PM – Christmas Pines Campground, Auburn (campground patrons only)
  • July 21st 10AM to 5PM – Christmas Pines Campground, Auburn
  • July 22nd 9AM to 12PM – Christmas Pines Campground, Auburn
  • August 18th 10AM to 5PM – Pioneer Day, Ashland
  • October 10th 6PM to 8PM – Walk In Art Center, Schuylkill Haven
To find out more about Scotty McCoy and his books visit: Instagram: smccoyauthor

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