Thursday, June 14, 2018

Ashland Fire Company Looks to Community to Help Purchase New Equipment

The American Hose Company #1, Ashland, seeks help from the community, to purchase equipment that will give them better perspective in a fire situation.

In 2001, the American Hose Company #1 Ashland, purchased a then new thermal imaging camera through a Community Partnership.  The partnership included 45 businesses that helped raise funds for the equipment through monetary contributions.

Fire departments throughout the country use thermal imaging cameras during "0" visibility conditions.  The cameras are used when searching for victims inside a burning structure and they can also be used to find fire that may not be visible if inside a wall or area not accessible.  They can also be used in a situation when firefighters are navigating throughout a building with thick smoke.

Over the last 17 years, their current camera has since outlived it's lifespan and the fire department is looking to a purchase a new one.

The new camera that they are looking to purchase costs anywhere from $4,000 to $9,000.  It also comes with new technologies that have since been added since the camera used currently. 

The new camera can now record video while in use. That video can then be reviewed by a Chief or Police outside a building. this new feature, also can help fire personnel, in training exercises.  With the new technology of the camera, there is a feature called "Flexible Scene Enhancement", which intensifies structural and textural details in thermal images.  The camera can also be adjusted to focus on body heat or fire, depending on the situation.

Earlier during the week, the department sent letters to previous donors asking through the Community Partnership to help with the purchase.

Any business or local resident wishing to contribute to the purchase, can do so by mailing their contribution to:

M and T Bank
C/O American Hose Camera Fund
804 Centre Street
Ashland, PA 17921

 - Make Checks payable to "American Hose Camera Fund"

Captain Phil Groody, Brian McCabe, and Chief Phil Groody of
the American Hose Company #1

Department's previous camera purchased in 2001

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