Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Mahanoy City Council Meeting Notes from 06/12/2018

On the evening of Tuesday, June 12, 2018, the Mahanoy City Borough Council held their monthly meeting.

The meeting opened with the pledge of allegiance with all members present.

The reading of minutes were motioned and approved.

The meeting then began with the opening of bids received for the borough's Sanitation.  Borough Solicitor Eric Lieberman opened the 3 bids received.  The first opened was by Waste Management but reported they would not be bidding on the contract.  The second was County Waste that proposed $258 per residential unit.  The third was from Solid Waste Services that proposed $378.58 per residential unit.

The bids were table until a later date to discuss and later vote on a bid winner.

During the public portion, a resident asked the council for help on a property near her home on West Mahanoy Street.  She reported the property is not being kept clean and grass has not been cut due to the owner not living in the area.   She reported that rats, mice, and skunks have been spotted on the property. Council as well as the borough workers are going to work with the resident to get the outside of the property cleared.

Police Chief Kenneth Zipovsky offered his monthly police reporter.  He spoke on how the borough's police department received 355 calls in the month of May, which was the most calls since 2012.

Zipovsky also spoke about working on grant information to receive fund to obtain police record software and body cameras for the borough.

He also announced that one of the borough's police officers is now a member of the PA Attorney General's task force, which means that officer will participate investigation drug operations statewide but also allows other officers that are members of the task force to investigate drug problems in the borough.  The funding for these officers and investigations are all through the Attorney General's office, not the borough.

During the month of May, police officers conducted 3 foot patrols and the Mayor participated in 3 ride-alongs.

Lastly, Zipovsky recommended the hiring of Jordan Smith as a part-time police officer.  The hiring was voted on later in the meeting.

The borough council then approved unanimously the requests from the Mahanoy City Fire Department to attend parades over the next month.

Under New Business, the borough motioned to rescind their motion from the last meeting in regards to the Teen Canteen property to go out for bid.  The motion was unanimously approved.

It was motioned and approved to outsource payroll services for the borough to Jetpay HR at a cost of $3,200 a year.

It was motioned and approved for EMC to implement online driving training and safety videos due to recent incidents.  It was reported that the training and videos are free and will also keep rates down.

A motion was made and approved to hire Jordan Smith as a part-time police officer contingent on successfully passing the police background investigation, physical examination, psychological examination, and complying with MPOETC standards.

A motion was made and approved for the request from the Mahanoy City Public Library for the release of funds in the amount of $8,000.

A motion was made and approved to compensate Cindy Soley and William Killian $2,000 each for borough manager duties they have performed.

Motions were made and approved for the follow properties
 - 417 West Spruce Street to bidder Frank J. Palmer III and Justin W. Hoppes for $500.00.
 - 419 West Spruce Street to bidder Frank J. Palmer III and Justin W. Hoppes for $500.00.
 - 521 West Spruce Street to bidder Elizabeth Rodriquez for $1,279.00

Applications for Easement and Handicap parking spaces were motioned and approved for
 - 38-40 West Mahanoy Street
 - 1220 East Market Street
 - 1028 East Pine Street
 - 329 West Spruce Street

A motion was made and approved to hire Cindy Soley as the borough's new Borough Manager

A motion was made and approved to advertise for the open position for a full-time secretary.

A resolution was motioned and approved to appoint the borough manager to apply for the USDA Rural Development loan program.  The borough is applying for a low interest loan and grant to purchase a pickup truck and plow for the street department and a marked police cruiser.  The maximum grant amount will be 75% of the total project or $50,000, whichever is less.

The meeting was adjourned.

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