Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Schuylkill County Hard Rock: Fallen Pride

Fallen Pride is a widely known Schuylkill County's hard rock band.

By Megan A. Hepler

They are best known for each member’s ability to switch instruments throughout a show and play another. Their fans report that in addition to their musical talent, their ability to mix things up is what draws them in and keeps them entertained during shows. 

Fallen Pride was formed in Pottsville following a conversation between Bud Vidal and his nephew, Jason Herndon. They had discussed Bud’s previous stints in bands and Bud decided it was time to start another. The band officially formed in November 2013. Bud brought his sons Tyler and Brad, and Ray Gregory into the band. Their first show was on March 1, 2014 at Rumors in Pottsville. Trent and Jared later joined, replacing former members. 

Kristen Vidal, the band’s booking manager, explained that the band, “picked the name Fallen Pride to honor the fallen military heroes.”

The four current members of Fallen Pride all began their musical abilities at a young age and each can play various instruments. They each have instruments that they primarily play, but they switch things up a bit during shows. 

Tyler Vidal is a Pottsville native. He began teaching himself to play guitar at the age of ten. He expanded his talents to include vocals at sixteen. Fallen Pride is his first band. Tyler is one of Fallen Pride’s guitarist and a vocalist.

Brad Vidal, Tyler’s brother, taught himself drums beginning at five years old. Then, at the age of twelve his picked up the guitar, as well. Brad was previously in the band Blaze. He can now be found behind the drum set during shows.

Jared Kulp is the only member of the band that resides outside of Schuylkill County, in Hamburg. He started learning to play drums at ten years old and later began playing bass. Jared was formerly a member of the bands The Feens, JP Baily Trio, Jokers Wild, and The Jack Band. Jared is the bassist for Fallen Pride.

Trent Noll resides in Pine Grove. He began with guitar at twelve years old by taking lessons at Wiscount’s Music in Tower City. He was a member of the band One Inch Gap. He is now the lead vocalist and a guitarist for Fallen Pride.

Fallen Pride has and continues to provide Schuylkill County with classic rock and hairband covers with music ranging from the 1970s through 1990s. They like to put on a show for their fans by changing things up. Fans also agree that their multi-instrumental talent brings them to the show.

Their sound technician, Ron “Rad” Dembinsky confirmed, “one thing amazing about Fallen Pride is everyone can play everyone else's instrument. They all play drums, bass and guitar.”

Fallen Pride acknowledges all of those that have helped them along the way. They first note founding members Bud Vidal and Ray Gregory. They thank their booking manager Kristen Vidal, sound technician Ron “Rad” Dembinsky, and merchandise managers Sandy Wasser and Todd Noll. They also give a shout out to their many fans.

Brad and Jared recognize their wives, “Jess Vidal and Janene Kulp for all their support!”

Their fans, and friends, have a lot to say about them also.

Amanda Kramer indicated, “my family and I try to attend as many Fallen Pride events that we can, and we truly are amazed by them at every show! Each one of them are so talented and when you put them together they become an awesome band!”

“I'm so very proud of you guys and your amazing talent,” Brad and Tyler’s aunt, Gayle Bowman said. Gayle had a lot to say about the exceptional talents that each member of the band possesses. 

Brent Reber of The Saints stated, “they’re one of the best rock/classic rock bands in the area. Every show I’ve been to they always put on an amazing show, be it stage presence or musicianship.”

“It’s never a dull moment with these guys; such nice guys and they can rock,” exclaimed Kristen Sandler.

Fallen Pride has several shows coming over the next several months:

August 4th - Pine Street Pub, Tamaqua
August 10th - Racehorse Tavern, Thomasville
August 11th - Auburn Block Party, Auburn
September 1st - 80's Party at Strikers Pub, Pottsville 
September 8th - Second Mountain Rod and Gun Club, Schuylkill Haven
September 15th - Tower City Moose Lodge, Tower City
September 22nd - Hot Rod Bar & Grill, Cressona
September 29th - Pappy T’s Pub & Lounge, Hamburg
October 6th - Groody's Catering Hall, Ashland 
October 13th - The Mineshaft Café, Ashland
October 27th - Hot Rod Bar & Grill, Cressona
November 21st - Hot Rod Bar & Grill, Cressona
December 1st - 1st Street Sports Bar, Lehighton
December 15th - Hot Rod Bar & Grill, Cressona
December 29th - Pappy T’s Pub & Lounge, Hamburg

To find out more information on Fallen Pride, visit their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/fallenpride4/