Thursday, April 11, 2019

STC Students Build Trophy Case for Mahanoy Area High School

Carpentry Students from Schuylkill Technology Center installed a new trophy case at the Mahanoy Area High School on Wednesday.

The 30 foot case, made from Oak, was built by Carpentry Students at the South Campus under the direction of Carpentry Instructor, Philip Kintzel. “The students enjoyed working on a project of this scope that will be showcased in one of our member districts,” said Kintzel. 

Pictured Left to right - Joseph Purcell, Jr, Minersville; Blake Kopenitz, Minersville; James Womer, Minersville and Zackery Omlor, Nativity.

The project began at the request of Stanley Sabol Jr., Principal of Mahanoy Area, and in conjunction with Ed Blazis, Facilities Manager for Mahanoy Area. Four STC Seniors enrolled in the Carpentry Program helped install the case at Mahanoy Area High School.

Craig Werner, from Werner Lumber, has volunteered his services to assist with transporting the case from STC South to Mahanoy Area. Once the case is installed, Dave Hess and students in the STC Residential and Industrial Electricity program will be installing LED lighting. Mahanoy Area will outsourcing the glass shelving and doors.

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