Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Derry Township Police Conclude that Alleged "Attempted Abduction" Did Not Take Place at Hersheypark

The Derry Township Police Department, Dauphin County, has released their findings after an alleged "attempted abduction" at Hersheypark last week.

The Derry Township Police Department reports that on Wednesday, July 3rd, 2019 the department was contacted by security personnel at Hersheypark about a guest concern occurring around noon at the Boardwalk area of Hersheypark.

An incident was perceived by guests as an attempted abduction who reported it to security.

Hersheypark Security initiated their internal protocol for the incident. Part of that protocol initiated the call to Derry Township Police for further investigation. Hersheypark has its own internal procedures and with a full security staff on hand, it’s often helpful for them to begin an initial investigation in situations like this before having police arrive for further investigation.

Responding officers and security personnel interviewed the juvenile that was directly involved, as well as juvenile witnesses from the same group and the adult that was chaperoning them. Officers and security also reviewed surveillance video footage on site to correlate what the juveniles and chaperone relayed to the officers.

That initial footage reviewed did not reveal the encounter and the investigation continued.

Video footage was found later in the investigation that showed the encounter between the juveniles and the person in question, who was described as a female in her late teens.

From information the juveniles relayed to police and the actions on the video, it was determined by police that the incident was more likely a case of confusion on the part of the juveniles and the female who was interacting with the juveniles was doing so in what would appear to be an innocent manner.

Police commended teens involved for the outstanding commitment they demonstrated to watch out for each other and immediately report their concerns to their chaperone.

Police said they were not able to identify the female involved in the encounter.

Additional video footage that was reviewed after the alleged incident shows the young woman in question, along with another female individual who appears to be her adult chaperone, guardian or care-giver, enjoying a normal day in the water park without incident or any behavior deemed inappropriate or unusual. The investigation has resulted in the determination that an abduction attempt did not take place.

The incident had gained attention through social media over the weekend that focused on the response time of park security and their handling of reporting to police.

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