Thursday, August 15, 2019

Mold Found in Blue Mountain Elementary West

An elementary school in the Blue Mountain School District is currently closed after mold was found when work was being completed.

According to the District, "the Blue Mountain School District encountered significant complications while completing renovations to Blue Mountain Elementary West School. As a result, Blue Mountain Elementary West is presently closed to the public. In addition, these complications will result in significant changes at the beginning of the school year for students attending Blue Mountain Elementary West and Cressona. We are working out the details, and the plans will be communicated to all of our stakeholders as soon as possible. Please know that we will communicate with you as soon as plans and schedules have been finalized."

School officials say that mold was found behind walls after work was being done to repair radiators that had busted last year.

Even though school was not in session yet, the school is closed to staff and the public.

An emergency board meeting was possible Thursday to determine a plan in getting students started on time.

School starts for Blue Mountain on August 26, 2019.

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