Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Mrs. T's Raises Flag in Shenandoah for National Pierogy Day

On Tuesday, Mrs. T's celebrated Pierogy Day by raising a flag at Shenandoah Borough Hall.

A special ceremony was held with Mrs. T's President, Tom Twardzik in attendance along with Megan Heim and Vanessa Burney from Public Relations.

Also in attendance from the borough was Downtown Shenandoah Inc. President Mary Luscavage and Mayor Andrew Szczyglak.

Chris Dende, Vice President of Human Resources at Ateeco Inc. welcomed the roughly 25 people that attended.

"The root of the word pierogy is peace and festive. They are about love, passion, love, and family, that is what we are here celebrating" said Dende.

Twardzik, Buerney, and Heim then raised a special flag up the flag pole that had the Mrs. T's logo, and date of the event.

Photos, video, and story by J. Reed

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