Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Geisinger and AtlantiCare Reach Mutual Agreement to End Current Relationship

Geisinger and AtlantiCare have reached an agreement on the structure of a future relationship between the two organizations.Geisinger and AltantiCare have agreed in principle to a relationship in which Geisinger will no longer serve as the parent organization of AtlantiCare. Both systems will continue to collaborate on joint projects and initiatives like the New Jersey campus of the Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine.

This mutual agreement includes a number of conditions for closing and may take six to 18 months to finalize. Until this process is complete, AtlantiCare remains a part of the Geisinger system. Additionally, as a result of the mutual agreement in place, all claims in the federal lawsuit Geisinger filed against AtlantiCare in January have been withdrawn. The proposed agreement, if completed, is expected to have no impact on patients, patient care, employees, facilities and the local communities served by the respective health systems.

Both organizations released the following joint statement:

“Throughout this process, both Geisinger and AtlantiCare have been guided by the desire to do what is best for the people and communities we serve in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. We believe this agreement best supports the long-term health and wellness of our communities and makes the best use of our non-profit resources today and into the future. We remain committed to working together to ensure the continued delivery of high-quality health care services.”

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